“billy158” Triumphs at Bingo World Championship

This past Sunday the Bingo World Championship came to an end, with the 23 Championship bingo games awarding 24 lucky winners $10,000 in total prize money. One of the bingo games was split between two lucky players.

The 109 online bingo players that showed up for the Grand Final had a fantastic time and the chat room was buzzing with excitement.

The last 4 games generated the most buzz with the 2 games worth $400 each going to the players know as “Januaryy” from Imperial Bingo and “nanyof8_em” from Bingo Empire.

The $1,000 game went to the player known to the rest of her roomies as “guano” who’s been a member at Imperial Bingo since 2003.

The biggest prize of them all, the grand $5,000 game, went to a Bingo Gala player with the alias “billy158”. She’s been a loyal player for the last 5 years so this was definitely a great reward for her.

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