3 Lucky Winners at Premier Bingo

The recent 75 ball blackout playing on the progressive bingo jackpot at Premier bingo caused quite a stir and its delightful for us to announce that 3 lucky people shared the jackpot, each winning $2,076.09.

We caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “brenmatt65” for a quick chat.

It was a three way tie for a huge $6,228.27 progressive bingo jackpot but “brenmatt65” was more than happy to share it with “blakk” and “Legs11“: “I was ecstatic! I am pleased with any win, and a three way share made three of us happy! What more could a person ask?”

With her winning she was happy to say: “A few months ago I bought my husband a Jeep. I had $2,000 left owing on it, so I paid it off! The Jeep is now really his!”

brenmatt65” is a regular player at Premier Bingo and this is her second JP win so she would like to advice her roomies: “Just be patient and enjoy online bingo, one day it will be you! In the meantime, just enjoy bingo, don’t be serious about it!”

“The CM’s, the patterns, the cash specials, I just generally love Premier Bingo! ” is why “brenmatt65” keeps coming back to Premier Bingo.

She concluded by saying: “I want to congratulate “Legs11” and “blakk” and thank them for sharing the JP with me! Congratulations you two!! Together we are winners!”


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