3 New Games Introduced at Bingo Gala

Not one of those online bingo rooms to be complaisant, Bingo Gala has launched 3 brand new games that will have online bingo players talking.

The new games introduced in the already exciting schedule include Gala 5000, Gala Climber and Playing the Max.

Gala 5000 is a game that can make bingo players really rich. Playing for one hour every weekday, between 9pm-10pm EST, $50 cash pots are up for grabs with an amazing $5,000 Jackpot. If you hit the Jackpot in 47 balls or less you win $5,000, 48 balls you win $2,500, 49 balls you win $1,250 and 50 balls you win $500. Just to make this game even more interesting, the first 40 balls are called instantly at the start of the game.

Gala Climber is another electrifying game that sees the Jackpot start at $25 and increase by $25 during each game. At the same time the balls to Jackpot increase by one during each bingo game. The game plays on the Coverall pattern every day once at 1pm-2pm EST and once at 1am-2am EST. Just to make things even more interesting, if nobody wins the Jackpot it rolls over to the next game. Once again the first 40 balls are called instantly.

Finally, Playing the Max is a game that gives all players an equal chance of winning since they can only buy maximum 10 bingo cards. These games play from 5pm-6pm EST and from 3am-4am EST.

Check out the newly introduced Bingo Gala schedule here.

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