3 New Games introduced at the Bingo Entertainment Network

One of the largest online bingo networks around, the Bingo Entertainment Network continually brings its players new and varied bingo games to keep things fresh and fun. The following are the latest additions to their already packed games schedule.

Half Price Bingo offers quarter games at half the price, just 12cent each! Playing from 2pm-3pm daily, these games have a minimum prize of $20 with the Quarters Progressive Jackpot up for grabs!

Lucky Number 3 is a game that revolves around the number 3. Playing on 3cent cards with a $33 prize and a $333 Jackpot! You can play from 3 to 333 cards and it plays 3pm – to 4pm EST daily.

Finally, Keno Blackout provides a special blackout pattern with a $50 prize and $500 Jackpot and as if that wasn’t enough, they play the popular keno chat special on this game, giving players a chance to win up to 64 free bonus bucks! It plays Monday – Thursday, every half hour between 9pm and 12 midnight EST.

As you can see, these new games are worth checking out. Log into your favorite Bingo Entertainment Network site and best of luck!

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