Another huge progressive jackpot won on Bingo Empire!

There was a lot of excitement over at Bingo Empire on Friday, when another Bingo progressive jackpot was won. It had grown to a gigantic $10,357.64, when the lucky player known as gemmy hit the jackpot. Gemmy who is from Honea Path, South Carolina was available for comment when I called her. I asked gemmy;

How did it feel when you first realised you’d won?

Gemmy “I nearly passed out. That is a LOT of money!”

And what do you intend to do with your winnings?

Gemmy “We have a new home and the payment was a lot more than we expected. We have been scrambling to keep up. We will pay the payments up and pay off credit cards so that we can stay on top of things again. What a Godsend this was. We thought we were going to lose the house.”

How long have you been playing online bingo at Bingo Empire, and will you continue to play there?

Gemmy “Since it opened lol. You bet I will continue to play there!”

What message would you give to other players on Bingo Empire?

Gemmy “Keep up the faith. It can and will happen when you least expect it. I, like everyone else, had dreams of hitting that JP. I had put in my last bit of bingo cash. This was the end for me until we had our bills under control. I was down to $20 and set on 12 cards to play afk. I play a lot of cards sometimes and sometimes I only play a few. It can happen to anyone at any time no matter how many cards you are playing.”

It is good to hear such a heart-warming story from an avid bingo player. I congratulated gemmy, and asked if she had anything else she would like to say about Bingo Empire? I think her parting words summed it all up rather well;

Gemmy “Bingo Entertainment ROCKS. It’s the best bingo company online!”

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