Back to Back Jackpot Winners at Bingo Gala

Bingo players at online bingo room Bingo Gala have been living it up over the last few days as two new players won the progressive bingo jackpot within less than 12 hours.

Things kicked off on Monday, March 9th, when a New York based player that goes by the nickname “CAN I GET A BINGO” at approximately 22:36 hit the progressive bingo jackpot for $1,247.67 on the Blackout pattern.

Playing at Bingo Gala for the last four years he was still coming to terms with his big win: “When I realized I had hit the jackpot it felt great. I knew I needed B10 but I didn’t realize when they called it that I had won the JP.”

“I plan on buying my kids an Xbox 360 and doing some shopping” said the proud father about his winnings who concluded this brief interview by saying: “Bingo Gala is the only site I play at, so if you are dreaming of winning a progressive Jackpot all you have to do is be patient.”

“Sweettate” was the other lucky online bingo winner when on Tuesday, March 10th, at around 10:07 hit the progressive jackpot for $1,027.25 on the Crazy Little X pattern.

The Alabama based player, who’s been a member at Bingo Gala for less than five months, placed a small bet of $1 to win this amazing prize.

That is two big winners in the space of less than 12 hours or three in the last 4 days if you take into account the gigantic $11,195.32 progressive jackpot win by a player that goes under the alias “foxymays1” on March 6th. You can read more about this story by visiting this link.

Players at Bingo Gala can expect a wide range of bingo games in all three of their bingo halls, exclusive promotions and competitions and a very generous 100% First Deposit Bonus.

Finally, don’t forget that the progressive bingo jackpot at Bingo Gala always restarts and will never fall below $1,000.

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