Big Jackpot winner on Premier Bingo

The excitement and anticipation had been growing, almost as fast as the progressive jackpot on Premier Bingo. Operated by Bingo Entertainment NV, Premier Bingo has a strong following of loyal players, as well as new players joining daily.

As with all the sites on the Bingo Entertainment network, the progressive online bingo jackpot starts at $1000. It has been attracting a lot of attention from excited players all with hopes of winning.

On the morning of 14th April, one lucky player in Ontario Canada was playing on the ‘stopwatch’ pattern, when her last number was called. She hit the progressive jackpot and won herself an amazing $8,516.20.

The player, known as tazzz_pr, who has been playing on Premier Bingo for more than 4 years, has not been available for comment. I expect she is out celebrating and spending all that lovely loot!

Bingo Entertainment offers her their congratulations. The jackpot at Premier Bingo was reset to $1000, and as at the time of writing, it has increased already to $1,279.05 Will you be the next big winner? To try your luck go to

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