Bingo Clubs Miss Out On VAT Breaks

The British Treasury has overlooked the online bingo industry’s request to remove double taxation burdens on bingo clubs.

Bingo operators hoped the Chancellor would eliminate their obligation to pay a 17.5 percent VAT on top of the 15 percent tax on gross profits. Neither casinos nor betting shops are subject the 17.5 percent VAT.

“This is a slap in the face for bingo players across the country,” said Bingo Association chief executive Paul Talboys. “There is no reason why they should continue to be penalised by double taxation when other gambling products pay only a single tax. The industry is struggling to deal with the combined impact of double taxation, the removal of gaming machines and the impact of the smoking ban. In the last 14 months alone some 43 clubs have closed. This lack of action will now ensure further club closures with attendant loss of jobs and decrease in Treasury receipts.”

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