Bingo Empire Player Strikes Progressive Jackpot

The Bingo Entertainment Network, revealed yet another progressive bingo jackpot winner today.

The online bingo player, ‘simpleton’ managed to hit the Progressive Bingo Jackpot at 7:59am EST on the 24th of July for a cool $2,327.49playing on 5 cent cards!

Simpleton, who lives in Philadelphia, PA, has been a player at the Network’s Bingo Empire site since May 2004.

Editor: How did it feel when you realized you’d hit the Jackpot?
simpleton: I couldn’t believe it! I was just getting ready to take a break for awhile and thought to myself, “just 1 more.” Boy was that lucky!
Editor: What do you like most about playing online?
simpleton: It’s just so convenient and a great way to pass the time. The chat games and hosts are great fun too.
Editor: Do you have any favorite games?
simpleton: I like the Keno Blackouts and Cash Climber too!
Editor: Is there anything special you do, or have, to help bring you luck?
simpleton: I change my cards frequently. If I don’t get down to 1tg, I change them.
Editor: What do you intend to do with your winnings?
simpleton: I’ll set some money aside to keep playing bingo, and I’ll probably take a ride over to Atlantic City too!
Editor: What message would you give to other players who dream of hitting a jackpot?
simpleton: If a simpleton like me can win, anyone can!
Editor: Anything else you would like to add?
simpleton:  Thank You Bingo Empire!!!

So be sure to check out Bingo Empire today. You’ll find great cash specials and fun chat games, and a 200% First Deposit Bonus that just can’t be beat!

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