Bingo Entertainment Latest Jackpot Winner!

Bingo Entertainment would like to congratulate our player known as Gatorlater54_ms who had a fantastic win last week with a bingo jackpot of $2,671.93 playing at Mainstreet Bingo.

This is her biggest win to date, after playing online bingo at Mainstreet Bingo for just over a year.  We contacted her to get her reaction to her win …here is what she had to say!

Asked how she felt when she saw she had won the jackpot. She said “I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it was me”. This is a very common reaction, for Mainstreet Bingo has brought joy to many players.

Asked if she had a special good luck charm Gatorlater54_ms said “I do have my Bubba doll that sits by my computer that I won last year”.

But now that she has won the jackpot, will Gatorlater54_ms continue to play at Mainstreet Bingo? “Oh! Yes I will, I love Mainstreet Bingo. I was at the Bingo Cruise in 2006. I had a wonderful time even though I did not win anything I hope to be able to go again sometime soon.

And what will she be doing with her winnings? “Putting a monitor heater in my house for winter.

Gatorlater54_ms had a message for all our players hoping for the BIG win. “Just hang in there it can also happen to you”.

Mainstreet Bingo congratulates Gatorlater54_ms, and we are very pleased to have been able to help keep her warm this winter!!

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