Bingo Gala Adds 7 Exciting New Games

A leader in the online bingo community, Bingo Gala never stops bringing its players new and exciting games to keep them entertained and winning big!

These 7 new bingo games promise not to disappoint!

Lucky 7’s has everything to do with the luckiest number of them all, the number 7! Playing everyday from 8am-9am EST this game plays on 7cent cards with its own Progressive Jackpot starting at $777. You can play from 7 to 77 cards!

Super Nickels offers players a super prize at a super price!! Playing daily from 4pm-5pm EST with a minimum $30 prize and the Nickels Progressive Jackpot up for grabs!!

888 Bingo is all about the number 8! It plays everyday from 4am-5am EST on 8cent cards with a minimum prize of $8 and an $888 Jackpot. Play 3 to 8 cards!

4×4 Happy Hour is a traditional “2 for 1” happy hour offering 2 cards for the price of 1! Playing daily from 1am-2am EST on 4cent cards there is a minimum prize of $14 with a $444 Jackpot. You can play from 4 to 444 cards!

Party Dimes is played twice daily (12am-1am and 10pm-11pm EST) featuring amazing dime games with a minimum prize of $25 and the Dimes Progressive Jackpot up for grabs

Eazy Jackpots is a great game! It plays Monday – Friday at 8:00pm, 8:15pm, 8:30pm and 8:45pm EST. A$75 prize played on the Blackout -1 pattern with an ‘Eazy’ Jackpot of $150 in 52 numbers or less!!

Finally, they have Nifty Fifty playing from 6pm-7pm EST Friday-Sunday. These cool quarter games have minimum $50 pots and the Quarters Progressive Jackpot up for grabs. You can play from 3 to 100 cards.

You can check out these new specials, and all the great games on the Bingo Gala Bingo Gala schedule here.

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