Bingo Mega Pays Out Huge Progressive Jackpot

Bingo Mega, a favorite among online bingo players, announced their latest progressive bingo jackpot winner.
The player, “mobay1”, managed to hit the progressive bingo jackpot at 4:31am on the 9th of July on the ‘4 corners’ pattern for an awesome $5,754.01.
We caught up with mobay1, who lives in Brooklyn, NY, shortly after her big win.

“I have been playing here for over 10 years and have won about 5 or 6 jackpots this was my biggest I could not believe it.”

“I love this site and all the roomies and especially the CCs, they are the greatest!”

“The day before I won I found a shiny penny. I picked it up and said ‘penny penny bring me luck cause I’m the one who picked you up’ and whamo I hit the jackpot! So it can be done, have patience your day will come!”

Mobay1 can routinely be found playing in the wee hours of the morning, often with her game set to play automatically. In fact, that’s exactly what happened this time. She had set her software on ‘auto’ to play the Dime games, as she so often does,  and returned to find she had struck it rich!

Proof enough that it’s easy to win big at Bingo Mega; where they offer great cash specials and fun chat games, not to mention generous deposit bonuses, so be sure to check them out today!

Play bingo at Bingo Mega here.

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