Bingo player Wins Huge Jackpot After Only a Few Days Play

Shortly after winning an astounding $6,350.28 on a progressive bingo jackpot at Bingo Empire we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “PennyPinchers” for a quick chat. This lucky winner had only been playing online bingo at Bingo Empire for a short while after being referred by a friend.

The excitement “PennyPinchers” felt after winning the jackpot was overwhelming: “I was not actually sitting at the computer but I had the volume turned on. I heard the winners’ music so I walked over to take a look and then I saw the jackpot sign flashing. My first thought was; did I win or is it someone else. When I realized it was me I started shaking and immediately typed OMG and BRB in chat. I then started making phone calls to relatives and friends.”

“I have been remodeling my home and this will definitely help″ was her reply to what she plans to do with her winnings.

After being referred a few days ago by a friend from another site this is what she had to say about Bingo Empire: “I think Bingo Empire is a lot more player friendly than most sites I have played. I think the CM’s are the best and number one in my book. Thank you again Bingo Empire, I am a believer!!”

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