Bingo Shown To Enhance Brain Functions

According to a recent study playing bingo can enhance brain functions, such as hand-eye coordination and memory, believed to deteriorate with age. The recent study found bingo players typically experience less memory losses than non-players. Conducted by Julie Winstone, from the Center for Visual Cognition at the University of Southampton, UK, the study also revealed that bingo players are more accurate and faster than non-players, and that their ability to grasp surrounding information is significantly greater.

In addition, Winstone was reported as saying that the level of performance shown by the older bingo players was the same as that of the younger ones. According to Winstone, although the latter’s brain response was faster, older bingo players demonstrated better accuracy during tests. Winstone intends to carry out further tests so as to establish whether or not bingo playing skills have other positive effects on the brain.

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