Bingo Splash Pays Out Huge Online Bingo Jackpot!

Bingo Splash

Bingo Splash

Bingo Splash is pleased to announce yet another big Jackpot winner. On May 22nd Candy was the envy of her fellow roomies when she scooped the Party Hall Quarters progressive jackpot of an amazing $7,842.60.

We caught up with Candy and asked her about this fabulous win and how it came about, and she had this to say. “I was very shocked and a bit numb….lol. I was chatting with my bingo friends and not even paying attention to the game or pattern and therefore didn’t even know I was on for a bingo let alone win and its was the JP… I was shocked.”

Candy went on to talk about her experience at Bingo Splash and what she hoped to do with her considerable winnings. “I love online bingo and have played on the same site (Bingo Splash) since it went live in December 1999. I have been here for 10 years now and have seen all the changes and it’s still one of the friendliest sites and I have always liked all the CM’s, and my roomies become family to me. I did not expect to win a large Jackpot but I was hoping I would see one again; I won 2 in January of 2000 and May 2000. So I really was needing a new dress…lol. I’m thinking of buying a laptop, maybe a new living room set and just have fun with some of it.”

Candy also went on to give some great advise to other players hoping to be the next lucky winner at Bingo Splash. “Don’t think you have to play lots of cards to have a chance, it really takes one lucky card and when you hit it you will be surprised. It hits so fast!  What a thrill.  I was playing 6 cards when i hit this Jackpot. Just play what you feel you can afford and have fun with it. It will happen when you least expect it and join in chat and get acquainted with the roomies. It’s a real good therapy room and relaxed time for all who need that break and rest. Good Luck all my roomies!!!”


I think Candy has some great words of encouragement for all players and confirmed that you really do just need that one special ticket to win big, and that Bingo Splash has the games, jackpots and atmosphere to make sure you always have a good time. So if your looking for a new home to play your online bingo you should certainly check out Bingo Splash where you will also receive a 200% First Deposit Bonus as well as up to 100% on all future deposits.

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