Bingo World Championship – Players Testimonials

One of the most anticipated online bingo events of 2008, the Bingo World Championship, drew to a close on Sunday, March 16th awarding 24 players a prize pool worth $10,000 in cash prizes.

We took the time to have a quick chat and this is what our players themselves had to say about the event, how they felt prior to the start of the event, lucky charms, what they plan to do with their winnings and their message to other bingo players who did not make it to the final:

A player from Bingo Plex with the nickname “rockn2adifftune” had this to say about lucky charms: “My lucky mascot is a little Rubber Piggy my grand daughter gave me for good luck.” She also had the following message to her fellow roomies: “Just have fun and keep playing, make great friends and if the rest of us could qualify you have just as good a chance to qualify.”

A Starlight Bingo player with the alias “zipleaguer” was feeling the thrill before the start of the Grand Final: “I logged in and I thought why not give it a whirl. I was excited to see my name in lights for making it. I went to get a drink and got back and said, OMG, I have $200 in my bank. I was excited for the rest of the night. If I can win, anyone can.”

Finally “guano” that scooped the second highest prize had this to say about her winnings: “My youngest son graduates from high school in June. I will use this as a down payment on a car for his graduation gift.”

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