BINGOGALA Off To A flying start!

Bingo Gala is off to a flying start this year!!!

Firstly we would like to congratulate their first Big JP winner of the year! The player known as giving won a fantastic $ 7,416.83 progressive jackpot on the 31st January!!

Here is what giving had to say:
“Hi All, just like to thank Bingo Gala for my JP win, I have been playing at Bingo Gala since August 2001 this is my first JP. I was watching TV just noticed I was on but didn’t realize it was for the JP till the music started playing and the box saying JP winner showed up then it hit me I was the winner.

I was yelling and typing omggg lol. I had to go brb I could not breathe. I love playing online bingo. As I don’t get out often this gives me something to do, I just play for fun, winning is added a bonus. I love the CM’s and the roomies are great.
First thing I am going to do is toss out the bleach for that white dress haha. Not sure yet what I am going to do with the winnings. When this all sinks in that I won. I will figure that out.

If you have not won a JP yet don’t give up if I can win anyone can. But you can bet you will see me in chat with our great CM’s.”
We would also like to congratulate the player known as cherish who won a fantastic $3,000 JP playing Fred’s Big Blowout on the 2nd February!

So that’s the first  of many big Jackpots Bingo Gala will give away, so come and make sure you check the fantastic selection of games available to you! They have something for everyone, 90 & 75 Ball Bingo Halls, 3, 4, & 5 Reel Slots, Pull Tabs, BlackJack, Video Poker and the great game of Keno! All with fantastic prizes up for grabs!! 

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