BingoMEGA Quarters Jackpot Winner

Shortly after winning an amazing $1,685.04 on a progressive bingo jackpot at BingoMEGA Quarters we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “DustieRose” for a quick chat.

She started by saying: “I had been very sick for 2 days and I was almost out of money in bingo. I was playing solitaire and watching the game without even being in chat. Then I saw the JP shield come down and I thought; Oh well someone is lucky today. I then saw my name and I was very happy. I went into chat and got congratulated by GMRock and the other players. I called my daughter into my room and showed her and she said; Right on Mom.”

Even though she wasn’t trying to win the online bingo JP, with her winnings she was quick to point out: “I plan to buy some furniture for my new home.”

She concluded by saying: “The last time I won a JP was in February 2004. I have been playing at BingoMEGA Quarters since it started. My advice to other players, it doesn’t take a lot; you just need to have the right cards, which is not always easy. I love MEGA.”


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