Birthday Bash Draws Big Crowds!!

Another milestone in the online bingo community was reached on Thursday June 11th when the Bingo Entertainment Network celebrated its 6th Birthday. A packed house was in attendance, all vying for a chance to take home some of the ‘birthday booty’ up for grabs.

The featured birthday bingo game played on the ‘B’ pattern offering $75 prize and a chance at a $3000 JP on 10 cent cards.  The following is a list of players who BIG!!

JayC11, DaNanna_bm, ghoward60, rrats, tina34, BlackQueen1745, Boo-Hoo, kbortz each won a $75 prize while Y NOT ME & bugsie_bm split a game winning $37.50 each. While the $3000 JP wasn’t hit, a good time was had by all who participated.

Be sure to stop by and visit the good folks at the Bingo Entertainment Network where you’ll find the best in online bingo, slots, pull tabs, video poker and more. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop in their chat room and join in on the fun there!

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