Calling the Callers

Bingo calling is one of the essential elements of the game of bingo. Every night in the over 600 clubs in the UK, bingo callers take the stage to call the numbers and help create a fun atmosphere. It’s a tricky job, not for the faint hearted. A bingo caller needs to have a thick skin at times, and be on hand with a funny line or a sharp retort at others. Not everyone is suited to the job.

In recognition of the skills required to make the grade, there are annual bingo calling competitions — both at the club and the national level. The best known of these is the NGBA Bingo Caller Of The Year Competition. The main competition kicks off again this month with the final to be held in November 2007, following the regional heats.

Bingo callers are being encouraged to sign-up and take part and fight for the ultimate title of Bingo Caller Of The Year.

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