Canadian Bingo Cruise Couple Share Their Experiences

After winning the competition at the very popular online bingo room Bingo Gala the winner of the Bingo Cruise Competition is back home and ready to share their thoughts and experiences on this once of a lifetime trip to the Caribbean.

The lucky couple from Attawapiskat Ontario had this to say: “The cruise was absolutely awesome and the entertainment onboard was fantastic. The menu was excellent with all kinds of food and the shore excursions available were spectacular. I was still at awe when I got back home.”

The trip didn’t come without any incidence as the husband pointed out: “I got sick the first two days of the cruise even though the ocean was calm. Then on the seventh day of the cruise, the weather was a bit choppy and I got really sick. This was just me since my wife never got sick.”

The husband concluded by saying: “The bingo was fun and my wife won a couple of times which was great since we enjoyed our winnings at the casino. All in all, we both had a great time and would go again and recommend it to anyone. Thanks for the cruise.”

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