Canadians are responsible gamblers

A recently released summary of findings by the National Gaming Monitor, claims that Canadians are mostly responsible gamblers. The report summarises that;

Canadians participate because they see gaming as fun and entertainment.

Most who gamble self-regulate their spending and play with a pre-determined limit they adhere to.

Most Canadians see gaming as a fun and an acceptable form of entertainment.

The survey was conducted from a random sample of 1000 adult Canadians, during the period 3rd April to 20th April 2006.

Asked what gambling activities they consider to be acceptable, coming in tops was buying a lottery ticket, closely followed in second place by playing bingo.

When asked why they would participate in a gambling activity, almost 50% claimed because it is ‘fun and enjoyable’.

To the question ‘do you stop playing when your budget is spent?’ a staggering 71% said ‘Always’.

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