Curacao updates e-gaming regulations

On the 2nd May, the Curacao Internet Gaming Association issued the following announcement on its website;

The Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA) is pleased to announce that Curacao – the oldest and one of the largest remote gaming jurisdictions – is in the process of updating its e-gaming regulations and legislation, with a view to remaining at the forefront of this burgeoning industry, which today is worth well in excess of US$10bn annually according to independent experts.

Having licensed and regulated this fledgling industry since 1993 when the original enabling legislation was passed (National Ordnance No. 63 1993), the jurisdiction is renewing its pledge to well regulated Internet gambling with the full support of the worldwide industry.

From Curacao’s perspective, this is a significant economic activity for the small territory – with e-commerce, led by e-gaming, being declared an ‘economic spearhead’ in the early 2000s (Source – Department of Economic Affairs, Island Territory of Curacao). 

Employing several hundred permanent workers directly, the industry also has a material positive effect indirectly in terms of e-commerce and Internet infrastructure, indirect employment, and investment in skills and training that is of significant value to the wider economy.

As part of the upgrade to the regulations, the jurisdiction is pleased to have applied to the UK government recently, to be accepted as a recognized e-gaming jurisdiction with reciprocal rights, such that companies licensed within the territory of Curacao are able to market their gaming activities within the UK. 

This not only assures Curacao licensed companies of a significant market opportunity, but also demonstrates the world-class controls and regulations that are in place in the jurisdiction, such that it can be recognized by a leading member of the European Union.

Curacao offers an excellent environment for discerning, world leading Internet gaming companies; many of the world’s largest of these companies are licensed and operate casinos, sportsbooks, bingo and poker rooms, and other forms of gaming, from the jurisdiction. 

They are also actively involved in the industry association CIGA which promotes responsible gaming and acts as a forum for discussion and communication between all the industry’s stakeholders within the territory.

The jurisdiction is committed to maintaining its world-leading position within the industry, and today enjoys a healthy and diverse e-gaming sector which is growing and evolving as global trends dictate. 

E-gaming has proven itself to be one of the more flexible and resilient of the industries to emerge from the e-commerce era, and Curacao is perfectly poised to both capitalize on this trend, and to implement appropriate regulations and controls to ensure that gaming is fair, safe, and enjoyable for all participants, while protecting those who are vulnerable, such as minors and addicts. More information can be found on the CIGA website

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