DOUBLE Jackpot Joy for Exclusive Tab Puller!

There has been quite a buzz lately not only about big online bingo jackpots, but also big jackpots on other games. One such game that is very popular amongst online bingo players is Pull Tabs. I admit to being a regular and avid online bingo player, but I hadn’t ever had a go on Pull Tabs. After hearing of a few players who had won around $250 on these games recently, I decided to have a go at the Pull Tabs and see what the excitement was all about.

I went to Exclusive Bingo, which is one of my favorite sites run by Bingo Entertainment Ltd. No need for me to deposit, I still had a balance in my account after winning a $50 fixed pot on one of the many regular specials that take place at Exclusive Bingo. I found the Pull Tabs were a very easy and fun way to pass the time, and you can play whilst your bingo cards are in play, if you set your options to auto daub & auto bingo. I chose to play on the 50c ‘Beach’ theme.

At Exclusive Bingo, the choices for Pull Tabs range from 25c up to $5, with various themes to choose from such as Wildlife, Beach, F1, Toys etc. You simply buy a ticket, and it is auto scratched for you. If you match 3 in a row, you win the prize indicated. I saw that on the F1 Pull Tab, which cost $2 you can win from $6 up to $1,400 if you match 3. The prizes vary depending on which theme you choose, but take note; if you buy a $5 Pull Tab on the ‘Gamble’ theme for instance, you can win from $15 up to $4,000!

After only a few Pulls I was elated to match 3 and win $10! I had to have a chat to the friendly Chat Master Jess, to tell her how much I like Pull Tabs. It was then that Jess mentioned that there had been a DOUBLE winner on Pull Tabs this month on Exclusive Bingo. One player had won $1,400 on Pull Tabs on 7 th January, and then another $1,500 on Pull Tabs one week later! The player known as Smellen, who is from Mishawaka, Indiana, was unavailable when I tried to contact her; no doubt she is busy finding ways to spend all that extra cash.

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