Double Whammy For Lucky Bingo Gala Player

A mind blowing, double progressive bingo jackpot win at Bingo Gala worth $6,253.07 and $13,080.07 respectively prompted us to interview the very fortunate player, nicknamed “sissygir”.

“sissygir” was definitely feeling lucky after winning twice within 9 days: “When I won the online bingo jackpot I was talking with one of my neighbors here in Alaska and when I came back to my computer I had $13,080.07 in my account. I was in shock because I had just won a jackpot the week before and I never thought I would ever win. I think my husband is still in shock but ever since this has happened to me when he comes home from work all he says; did you win today?”

As far as her winnings she had this to say: “We have been fixing up our home so this money really helped with getting things done faster and I also bought a computer for myself.″

Finally she wanted other players to know that: “I have never been this lucky in my life, and I have never won this much money all at once; it sure is an overwhelming feeling so I’m glad I hung in there. Good things do happen when you least expect it to. I have tried other sites but I always come back to Bingo Gala. Thank you Bingo Gala.”


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