Early evening raid on Bingo Gala Gold

On the evening of Wednesday 9 th May, at 6.11pm (EST) to be precise, $1,440.00 in Pharaoh’s gold was taken at Bingo Gala. Then some 20 minutes later, $1,080.00 in Coins of Rome were taken.

Regular bingo players on Bingo Gala will know exactly what I am referring to, but for anyone that hasn’t experienced the thrills of Bingo Gala slots, then you should get over there now and see what you are missing!

One regular online bingo player known as buzzon1, from Cameron, Oklahoma didn’t just hit it big on the slots once, but twice in twenty minutes! Being $2,520 richer in a twenty-minute period must surely explain why buzzon1 has since been unavailable for comment. I’m sure he has been very busy spending all that lovely loot!

There’s plenty more to go round, with three slots progressive jackpots currently waiting to be won, and rising all the time, here’s how they stand currently;

3 Reel – $137,424.58
4 Reel – $25,294.97
5 Reel – $14,429.44

Don’t miss out on your chance to take the Bingo Gala Gold, hurry over now to www.bingogala.com

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