Edinburgh player wins BIG!

Fellow bingo palyers in Edinburgh (Scotland, UK) are hoping some of  Irene Hall’s luck will brush off on them following the launch of a new game offering a massive £1 million jackpot. Mayfield resident Irene, who plays bingo every day, was one of the first winners of the National Bingo Game and won almost £4000.

Following the big win Irene shared some of her good fortune with her family and went on her first ever holiday abroad.  Irene, who has been playing  bingo regularly in Dalkeith for 40 years, said: “It’s such a great feeling when you get a shout”.

“You go from waiting for quite a few numbers then very quickly you get down to one and your heart starts to flutter, especially when it’s the National Game because you’ve got to wait to see if you’ve won the big jackpot”.

 “Winning allowed me to celebrate with my friends and family and I hope that they, too, get lucky on the new Big’N game.”

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