Entertainment galore at the Bingo Plex

Bingo Entertainment Ltd is well known for operating its hugely popular online Poker site www.pokerplex.com, with an exciting current promotion offering a first prize of a Porsche Boxster car. Although some ladies do participate in online poker games, it has to be said the game in general is predominantly male orientated. So what do the ladies do if they don’t play online poker, and spend too much time trying to persuade their significant ‘other half’ not to play another hand?

Bingo Entertainment has come up with just the thing! Introducing Bingo Plex! (www.bingoplex.com); The latest in innovating software, incorporating online bingo games and much more.

Launched at the end of March, Bingo Plex is proving to be very popular, and not just among the ladies, there is an increasing male participation, proving that online bingo is emerging as a favourite amongst males and females of all ages.

Poker players who want to spend a bit more time at the tables without upsetting the wife could do no better than to point her in the direction of www.bingoplex.com

Of course it is not just married or ‘attached’ people that play online. Many times love stories have been heard from single people who have met online, and this can also happen on Bingo Plex with its great friendly chat rooms. But you don’t have to be looking for love, if you’re just looking for fun, the friendly chat masters are there to assist and entertain you!

Bingo Plex has a choice of two bingo halls, a 75 ball, and the newly introduced 90 ball, which is steadily increasing in popularity. Each hall has its own progressive bingo jackpot. At the time of writing this, the progressive JP in the 75 ball hall stands at an amazing $8,384.69 and climbing! Who wouldn’t say no to a chance of winning that? The progressive jackpots always re-start at $1000 minimum, so even if you don’t hit the current big one, the next JP starts climbing very quickly.

As well as the great game of bingo, and the exciting chat games, there are also slots games to play, incorporating 3, 4, and 5 reels, as well as the very popular Bank Heist, which currently has a progressive JP of $21,210.01. With Keno, Pull Tabs, Video Poker, and Black Jack, what more could you wish for your online entertainment! www.bingoplex.com

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