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Glamour Bingo

Glamour Bingo

Looking through the internet there are a lot of online bingo sites, but those who have been around the longest are usually the biggest and certainly know what players want from the games.

Glamour Bingo has been around for many many years now and they certainly know what players want and give it to them. They not only offer the expected bingo games, but also a wide range of side games including slot  games. In fact there is more than enough to ensure players always have a new game to play.

For example Glamour Bingo offers a range of cash specials everyday spread between four different halls. One of which is the Party Hall in which there is a game called Blackout, players play on a blackout pattern on daily basis, every hour between 5pm and 10pm EST. The game consists of $50 pots and a $500 Jackpot. The guaranteed pot and possible jackpot are what keeps players coming back for more.

Daily Delights is another favourite game. Playing on nickel cards and featuring $30 pots with a $1,500 Jackpot, players can play anything from 3 to 300 cards daily between 6pm and 7pm EST.   If players are not able to play their favourite games due to other commitments Glamour Bingo has the answer. You can pre-book cards for almost all of the cash games and they will be played automatically with any winnings going straight in to the players account.

Glamour Bingo even offers randomly playing free online bingo games with a cash prize of $7 and a $100 jackpot everyday. These are free cash bingo games which means you can actually withdraw your free winnings!

Coupled with all the other great features like easy deposit methods and the friendly helpful chat masters, Glamour Bingo doesn’t fail to deliver on all levels and comes highly recommended by all who play there.

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