Gambling Banned in Second Life Virtual World

Linden Labs, the company that runs Second Life, said that as of this week, its policy on ‘in-world money wagering’ was changing, and that casino games such as black jack, poker, roulette and slot machines would no longer be permitted.
Earlier this year, the company invited the FBI to tour Second Life and ensure that activities within it were complying with U.S. law.
All forms of online gambling have been illegal in the U.S. since last October.
In an entry on its blog, Linden Labs wrote: “If we discover gambling activities that violate the policy, we will remove all related objects from the in-world environment, may suspend or terminate the accounts of residents without refund and may report any relevant details, including user information, to authorities and financial institutions.”

The policy would apply irrespective of the gambling laws of the country or state in which the resident lived, the company said, and Linden Labs staff would now patrol Second Life to uncover any breaches.

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