Gina Bingo becoming UK's favourite online bingo destination

gina-bingoGina Bingo may only be a month old but is quickly becoming one of the favourite online bingo destinations for UK bingo players.

With 7 rooms now open 24/7 and card prices ranging from free to 50p, Gina Bingo offers some of the biggest choices of bingo games offered by any UK bingo site.

So what has made Gina Bingo so succesful in such a short space of time? The answer seems to be the exceptional bingo software which is not available on any other UK bingo site, the amazing prizes on offer and the fantastic chat games playing all day in most rooms.

Bingo Wire was lucky enough to have a chat with Gina’s management who are very pleased with the launch and quick success of Gina Bingo.

Gina’s head of marketing said: “Gina Bingo offers something new and in many aspects superior than any of the other UK bingo sites and with over 15,000 new accounts in the past month it seems online bingo players where looking for something new. Considering that we still haven’t started our main marketing campaigns as our TV commercials won’t be going live until September, we are very pleased with the success of Gina Bingo so far.”

Gina Bingo does offer some amazing bingo games and with daily guaranteed £100 pots, £6000 progressive jackpots, must go jackpots and big payout chat games, it is no surprise Gina has the success it does.  And with the upcoming TV commercials,  it seems that Gina Bingo’s popularity can only get bigger.

Visit Gina Bingo.

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