Grab A Fortune In October at Bingo Gala

Courtesy of their October Fortunes promotion there has been a 75 ball blackout every Thursday at 9pm EST on the progressive bingo JP at Bingo Gala.

This is great news considering the JP starts at $3000 and they’re adding $1000 every day!

The winner of the first game, on October 5th, was “sashaann”, who won a massive $16,513.82. We caught up with her for a quick chat.

She started by saying: “I was so excited when I realized I had won the jackpot. It couldn’t have come at a better time; my job is closing on the 1st of November, it was a true blessing.”

What keeps “sashaann” coming back to Bingo Gala? “I have played at Bingo Gala for a long time, it is the only bingo site I play at online and the CM’s are the best.”

Her advice to other online bingo players: “I would like to say don’t ever give up, it will happen when you least expect it to. I have never won a jackpot before and I never expected to win a jackpot of that amount. Thank you so much.”

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