Greenford Lady Scoops £19,000

A lady from Greenford is thrilled after winning more than £19,000 on the National Bingo game on Valentines night, and she needed someone to “Pinch” her, because she could not believe it.

The 46 year old woman has been a regular bingo player at her local Beacon Bingo Club, visiting at least a couple of times a week. Lately she had not been having much luck playing bingo and was considering giving up playing altogether before she had her big win.

It took 46 numbers to call house on the National Bingo game. This is how her winners were made up – The National Bingo Jackpot Prize for the evening was £33,895, which was shared by two players as they both called up on the same amount of numbers and half of this prize went to another lucky winner in Cumbria, so this gave the lady a National Jackpot prize of £16,947, plus she also took the Regional prize, which was a very nice £2,122 and the house prize of £404, giving her total winnings of over £19,000.

This is she had to say about her win: “I needed someone to pinch me when I found out how much I had won,” she said. “I was about to give up playing bingo because I hadn’t won anything for ages. I can’t believe good luck finally came my way. This win is really going to help with my finances. I’m definitely not giving up bingo now” she added!

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