Husband And Wife Hit The Jackpot!

In an impressive and probably unprecedented stroke of luck a husband and wife have won the progressive bingo jackpot at Bingo Gala within one week of each other.

Due to Bingo Galas continual summer promotions the progressive jackpot has been astonishingly high for a long time, but lightning struck twice in one household this week, with SuckItUpPrincess winning $11,583.32 on August 22nd and his wife CrazyChk winning $9,585.27 on August 26th.

Harry Christodoulou, Marketing Executive commented “We are extremely pleased for the couple and it’s wonderful that such an impressive feat happened right here at Bingo Gala. We wish the couple the best for the future”.

The couple was actually on vacation when CrazyChk won her jackpot “I was shocked! I was not even watching; we were at our summer trailer and I had just returned home with friends from a day out. My girlfriend, who also plays, Cybernic, was watching my laptop on the deck and started screaming YOU WON YOU WON.”

She continued by adding “My husband and I have been playing at Bingo Gala for over 5 years. We play pretty much daily. He won his first jackpot last week, so this has been one wild August for us! I never expected to win but I have enjoyed it very much! I hope every roomie hits one!”

As far as her online bingo winnings are concerned: “I have bought a few things for the house and a great wooden swing for our trailer I have wanted all year. I paid off some bills and shared some of my winnings with my friends. I also made a nice donation to our team who walks on October 1st to help find a cure for breast cancer in Canada.”

She concluded our interview by saying: “Its great to win a jackpot and it always seems to happen when you least expect it! I love Bingo Gala; it was the first site I found online. Thank you Bingo Gala and thank you Fred! ″

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