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Imperial Bingo

Imperial Bingo

Imperial Bingo has some of, if not the best online bingo games available today. They have many cash and chat specials spread over a number of different halls offering different priced cards and both 75 and 90 ball bingo.

One of the best cash specials available is Cash Climber found in the Party Hall. This game plays at 9pm to 10pm EST every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and has Jackpots starting at $25 which then grows by $25 every game until it’s won. The balls to JP also increases by 1 each game which means it has to be won eventually and increases the tension as every game passes and it is not won.

While playing certain games within the halls players can also win big by claiming one of the many progressive jackpots available. sixrids_mq did just that and won the Party Hall Quarters Progressive Jackpot of $3,117.81 on June 21st. She had this to say about her great win.

“I was overjoyed when I won the jackpot. There was 1 ball left to JP and I needed O61. I sat back, crossed my fingers and hoped for O61.”

Asked what she liked about playing online bingo she said. “I like the connivance, the good company, the CC’s. I babysit my grandkids allot & can’t go ‘out’ to play bingo. I never expected to win, but always hoped. I won a jackpot back in 2003 but it was not as big.”

She then went on to say what she would be doing with her winnings. “My brother had passed away unexpectedly and this JP win will help pay most of funeral expenses off. I am also taking my children & grandchildren on an over night trip to the Great Adventure Safari in NJ.”

She also had this advice for all players looking to win a progressive jackpot. “Everything happens for a reason! A big THANK YOU! (still speachless)”

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