Jackpot Premonition!

Premier Bingo’s online community shared a good laugh in a chat session last week, when a player had a premonition that she would win the jackpot.

The player, whose nickname is CYNTAY, just knew that she was going to hit the jackpot, and made a few jokes about it while she was in chat with her chat buddies. In jest, she asked another player, MINDCRIME, to phone her when she won the jackpot, as she had to go to another room in her house.

Imagine the player�s surprise when she did hit the jackpot, for $2760.18! All the roomies in chat started sending messages like mad to poor MINDCRIME, who tried to get a word in edgewise.

She told me to call, but I dont have her number, typed in MINDCRIME!

Everyone laughed out loud CYNTAY had a miraculous premonition that she would win the jackpot, but she forgot to send in her phone number!

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