JayC11 Wins $5,000 at Bingo World Championship 2009

A ten thousand dollar cash prize pool was up for grabs Sunday night during the most anticipated online bingo event of the year: The Bingo World Championship.

After almost two hours of exhilarating online bingo action, it all came down to the big one, the $5,000 bingo game. The field included 130 bingo players, but when all was said and done, the player known as “JayC11” from Columbus, Ohio outlasted her fellow bingo players to claim this massive prize.

The very gracious bingo player was more than happy just to be able to take part in this popular event: “First I would just like to say thank you. I thought it was just awesome to even get a chance to play in the BWC by winning a seat in the freeroll. I thought how great to be able to play bingo for two hours free.”

The player who’s been a member at Bingo Gala since 2002 continued by describing the moment leading up to her big win: “By the time the last game started, I chalked it up to it was a fun free time, but it just wasn’t going to happen for me this year. I gave up and went to get another bowl of cereal. My hubby met me in the kitchen and said, “Did you win?” and I said, “No”.  Then he said, “Is it over?” to which I replied, “It is for me.” and kind of laughed. When I came back I noticed my card wasn’t doing badly, as I watched the other roomies counting down. Then I was down to two to go and I thought no way; I started praying. And OMG I couldn’t believe it he called my number B2. I couldn’t believe it as I watched the card flash in slow motion.”

She was also quick to give her appreciation to Bingo Entertainment, the organizers of this prestigious bingo event: “I really love Bingo Entertainment because you never ever get hassled about your payouts, and there is always big exciting games. The Chat Masters are the best around, and most of the roomies I consider my friends. I enjoy how Bingo Entertainment works to keep things new and exciting for players by introducing new specials and chat games from time-to-time. I also appreciate how Bingo Entertainment listens to their players and if something is really not working, they make a change.”

JayC11 concluded this brief interview by saying: “Thank you again; this money will truly change my life. I have been a loyal Bingo Entertainment player for many years and I will continue to be a loyal Bingo Entertainment player for many years to come.”

Until next year, make sure you keep checking the official Bingo World Championship website at www.bingoworldchampionship.com for more information on the next event.

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