Latest Big Pull Tabs Winner at BingoMEGA Quarters

After winning a fantastic $1,400.00 at Pull Tabs on BingoMEGA Quarters we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “bottomofbarrel” for a quick chat.

She started by saying: “It feels great to win; it seems I can never win at bingo but I am fortunate to have luck with the pull tabs.”

Her loyalty has actually paid off: “I have been playing at BingoMEGA Quarters on and off since 1998. I have previously won $4,000.00 at pull tabs but many times I put back more than I take home. If I were young again I’ll be using my winnings to party.”

If you are wondering what makes “bottomofbarrel″ keep coming back to BingoMEGA Quarters, this is what she had to say: “I have always liked the set up here at BingoMEGA Quarters and the graphics are great. May Lady Luck strike you all a big win!”

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