Latest Lucky winner at Bingo Gala

Another stunning $11,982.69 progressive bingo jackpot win at Bingo Gala prompted us to interview the lucky player, nicknamed “Omars Mom” for a quick chat.

She started by saying: “I was playing bingo with the usual suspects at Bingo Gala, when I figured it was time to check my email. My mail was covering the screen so I couldn’t see the board. I heard the music, and we all know that just because the music plays, doesn’t mean you won. I flipped the page and it was my name. It took a couple of seconds for it to hit me, that yes indeed, I had won the Jackpot! I was shaking like a leaf, trying to type, kept hitting backspace because I couldn’t get it right. I finally dropped to my knees and thanked God.”

When it comes to choosing an online bingo site to play “Omars Mom” had this to say about Bingo Gala: “I have been playing here since July 23rd, 2002 and I can honestly tell you that Bingo Gala is the best. I love my roomies and the CM’s are the best. I tell all my friends about Bingo Gala. Keep up the good work and the new site is awesome.”

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