Lucky Christine Bradfield Scoops £1.1m Bingo Win

Lucky Christine Bradfield was today celebrating scooping £1.1m – in the world’s biggest ever bingo win.

Mother-of-two Christine, 53, admitted she went “absolutely crazy” when her lucky numbers came up in her bingo hall.
Game organisers said it was the biggest ever win in Britain and believed to be the biggest in the world. Christine Bradfield scooped £1.1m

But garage forecourt shop assistant Christine pledged not to give up work – because she would spend a fortune going shopping every day.
Christine was in shock when she rang husband Ray, a crane driver, to break the news of her win totalling £1,101,686.
She said: “I found it hard to find the words – it is just incredible.
“I love playing bingo and have been playing it since I was 18. I’ve had a few nice wins over the years but nothing anywhere near this.
“I couldn’t believe it when they told me it was believed to be the biggest in the world.

“We didn’t sleep all night but Ray had to go to work in the morning.
“I work three days a week in a garage and luckily I don’t have to be in until Wednesday – but I’ll be there then as usual.
“I won’t be giving up work – I couldn’t be at home or I’d be out shopping all the time spending the money.”

Grandmother Christine plays twice a week at the Castle Bingo Hall in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, where she has been a regular for 11 years. And she was taking part in the National Bingo Game linking up with other halls around Britain when she became their first Platinum Jackpot winner. Christine promised to carry on playing bingo despite being a millionairess.

She said: “I have been playing since I was old enough at 18 and I won’t stop now.” Christine and Ray plan to spend the money on “thoroughly spoiling” their grandchildren and dream holidays. But they have no plans yet to leave their terraced home. She said: “I’m not going to rush spending the money. Just a few shopping trips and think about the future. “We have worked hard all our lives and deserve a few luxuries.” Bingo hall general manager Mike Wiltshire was calling the game that made Christine a millionaire. Mike said: “The place erupted, everyone went wild. “It was amazing. Word spread quickly so that most people in the town knew before the end of the evening. “We are delighted for Christine and hopes she thoroughly enjoys her win – and we are looking forward to her coming back to see all her friends here.” National Game’s Chief Executive Paul Talboys said: “What a wonderful night for bingo. “We know it is the biggest bingo win ever in this country but believe it to be the biggest in the world. It is just the boost we needed in these difficult times.”

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