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Main Street Bingo

Main Street Bingo

Main Street Bingo had one of it’s biggest ever Keno winners on July 31st. Player ‘decatmom’ won an absolutely amazing $5,000 playing keno and matching a total of 9 out of 10 numbers!! Player ‘decatmom’ had this to say when asked about this win in the following interview.

What do you like about playing online bingo and side games and did you ever expect to have a win of this size? She replied; it is relaxing for me after a long day at work and I did not in my wildest dreams expect to win this big…..

Do you have any plans for your winnings and any advice for other bingo players about winning and being lucky? My husband and I have had a couple of small vacations planned for later in the year and it will come in handy. Players should just keep playing, your time will come

How did you feel when you realized you had won so much and was it a very close win, or were there any unusual/interesting events leading up to it that make this such a memorable experience? Player ‘decatmom’ replied; it was hard to comprehend, I was just sitting there clicking the play button and counting the hits. I was actually quite calm when my numbers hit. My husband was working across the hall on his computer and I said “wow. I just won $5,000 playing Keno. I got 9 out of 10 numbers. Your birthday is the only one that DIDN’T come up”. lol. Then I went into the kitchen and did my happy dance!  Thank you, you’re the best!

Another big winner and another satisfied player at Main Street Bingo. This just goes to prove that not all big wins are won playing Bingo and that players can have that magically moment playing any of the side games on offer and at any time.

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