Mega Jackpots Winners at Bingo Mega!

Bingo Mega, which is owned and operated by Bingo Entertainment Ltd, had some great bingo jackpot wins this week. Last month saw 2 progressive bingo jackpot winners, in the amounts of $1,700.81 to a player (bingobabe217) from New York on 5th January, then $3,332.65 went to a online bingo player (deegigi) from Cloverdale on 7th January, and now Bingo Entertainment announces even more big bingo progressive jackpot winners!

On 3rd February, the player known as kritterlover, from Port Moody, BC – Canada won the progressive bingo jackpot of $2,675.75.

At Bingo Mega, the progressive jackpot always starts at an amazing $1000. The jackpot dreamers amongst you will love this next Bingo Mega winner’s story;

On 4th February, at 21.15 EST, the player known as Angelofdreams, from Thunder Bay, ON Canada, won the progressive bingo jackpot of $1,037.49. As always, the progressive jackpot was re-set to $1000. Some 2 hours later, at 23.16 EST, the very same player hit the progressive bingo jackpot again! This time for the amount of $1,002.68. Some might say ‘impossible’ but I say anything is possible at Bingo Mega, where the prizes are high, the games are fun, and the people are so friendly. Get yourself over to Bingo Mega now and try your luck. Don’t forget the February special bonus offer – deposit over $50, and get 100% bonus, with no conditions attached!

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