NETeller case extended to April

On 16th March, The Department of Justice team handling the NETeller case, against the company’s co-founders John Lefebvre and Stephen Lawrence, were given an extension until 16th April by the US court.

Department of Justice spokesperson Rebecca Carmichael informed reporters that the extension had not been opposed by the two Canadian men, who have had to put up hefty bail following their arrests by the FBI in January, and are still confined to the New York City limits until the case has been finalised. But the reason for doing so has not been made clear.

Lefebvre and Lawrence are facing a variety of charges including conspiracy to transfer funds with the intent to promote illegal gambling.

Meanwhile, US players whose funds remain tied up in the wake of the NETeller debacle, will have to continue to wait it out and deal with the fact that the current freeze on their funds is likely to continue. The frustrated account holders have organised a group called The NETeller Customer Coalition in order to attempt to access their money.

The members of the group have over $750,000 frozen in NETeller accounts, and have been collectively searching for ways to pressure the company to give up the funds.

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