New BINGOGALA's 2005 cash prize schedule

BINGOGALA® announces that the new 2005 cash prize schedule is a huge success, with players enjoying up to $100 in cash prizes for each game.

Online bingo specials to look out for at BINGOGALA® are the Pot of Gold Special every Monday night between 7pm and 12 Midnight, with $1000 cash prizes and $5000 Jackpot!

The Magic Money Club has $100 cash prizes and $3000 Jackpot on every bingo game on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8pm and 10pm! There’s also a grand Magic Money Club prize of $500 at 10pm!

On the weekends look out for $100 cash prizes and $2500 Jackpots on every game between 8pm and 10pm EST, with a Super Prize pattern of $500 cash and $5000 Jackpot!

Visit BINGOGALA® at for more details.

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