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Play online bingo at Wink Bingo and win a heap of goodies. Check out the brand new Strictly Come Spin with Me Tango & Cash tourney where you can win cash and some seriously amazing prizes. There’s a Nintendo Wii and an iPod Nano among the prizes! Polish up your lucky dauber, flex those bingo wings and play the bingo games in this fun filled bingo tourney where you can win a whole lot of groovy prizes.

The Strictly Come Spin with Me Tango & Cash tourney is on from the 30th of September till the 10th of October. A perfect promotion to set off October on a fine fun filled start, there are heaps of bingo games to be played and lots of super prizes to be won. You can also play the Instant games in this tourney. Everything counts! There are three pattern bingo games and three special call numbers that will earn you plenty of tourney points. As with all the Come Spin with Me tourneys you have to collect points and move up to the top of the leader board or as close to the top as you can. There are prizes for all the players who make it to the top 10 spots. Check the leader board every day and play the online games to climb up quickly.

Wink Bingo is giving away tourney points on the bingo games and on the Instant games too. Hit the bingo on the iPod pattern, the Dancing Queen pattern and on the Music Note pattern and earn 50 points for every bingo you have scored. Earn 50 points every time you score on the call numbers 46, 56 and 66 too. Every bingo on each of these patterns and call numbers will get you 50 points that will have you zipping p that leader board. Play as many of these bingo games as you can because every tourney point counts.

Play the Instant games too. Wink Bingo will award you 1 tourney point for every £10 that you wager on the Instant games within the promotion period. You won’t need much convincing to try out the Instant games here especially with two hot new online slot games to try your luck on. Play the Monopoly Slots and Wheel of Fortune Slots, both available exclusively at the Joy of Bingo sites for a while. There are lots of other Instant games that you can enjoy and there’s a good chance of winning cash jackpots on these games too. Remember, every £10 wagered on these games will get you 1 tourney point closer to the top of the Strictly Come Spin with Me Tango & Cash leader board.

The first prize in this Wink Bingo tourney is a Nintendo Wii with the new Goldeneye 007 game. Win this snazzy gaming device and win a cool new game too. The second prize is a iPod Nano with Multi-Touch display that will make your mouth water. There’s £50 in real cash for the third, fourth and fifth prizes while the remaining five toppers in places six to ten will each win £10 in cash. Play the Strictly Come Spin with Me Tango & Cash tourney for these tantalizing treats from Wink Bingo.

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