One lucky Postman has won the National Bingo game’s £100,000

David Weeks a postman from Grimsby has won the National Bingo game’s £100,000 jackpot bingo prize, as well as £200 on the house game, at his local club in Cleethorpes, England.

To follow on from the BIG win luck was still on David’s side later when he went on to win another £350 in the following game!  Who says lighting never strikes twice!
Mr Weeks was in shock and just couldn’t believe he had won that amount of money. It took quite a while to sink in. He thought he had only won £200. It wasn’t until people kept telling him that he had won the big prize that he then realised the amount of his win.

David is going to use the money to help with his wedding plans, and of course the buying of a new car!

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