Online Bingo Is Safer

A recent Associate Press has reported that a woman who won thousands of dollars playing land-based bingo was shot in the stomach when she refused to give the money to would-be robbers.

 Pamela Anderson, 39, won $5,900 at bingo Sunday night near West Palm Beach before leaving with a friend for her home in Hobe Sound, about 30 miles north. A car with two men and two women trailed behind her. When Anderson arrived home early Monday, one man pointed a gun at her and told her to open her car door and give him the money.

When she refused, he shot her through the car. Anderson then tried to drive to the hospital but started to faint and crashed into construction barricades.

She was taken by helicopter to a West Palm Beach hospital and was listed in critical condition Monday. Her passenger was unhurt.

Although the suspects didn’t get any of Anderson’s money, she has still suffered a great deal from the ever – present danger of mugging and robbery. This danger haunts any gambler carrying large amounts of cash either to or from a land-based bingo hall or casino.

Online bingo is by far the safer bet – money is transferred electronically, and with today’s technology, the chance of credit card fraud is much, much lower. Tracking winnings is much easier in online bingo games, which have cashier pages that show balances in black and white. Best of all, it’s all done from the safety of the player’s home.

Although online bingo is a mere babe in the woods compared to land bingo, there are a number of bingo games online that have made very good names for themselves over the last three or four years. Bingo Wire makes the following recommendations to all bingo players for a safe online bet. The recommendations are based on promptness of payouts, trustworthiness of staff, fairness of the game, and security of personal data.

Bingo Wire Recommends:
Bingo Gala –
Online since 1999, Bingo Gala pays out promptly and safely, and as one of the most established online bingo games, has been trusted by thousands of players.

Bingo Mega –
Another trusted name in online bingo, Bingo Mega has established itself as a favourite for players looking for a bingo game that keeps their peace of mind.

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