Online Bingo Jackpots Galore at Bingo Gala

Online Bingo Jackpots at Bingo Gala

Online Bingo Jackpots at Bingo Gala

The online bingo cash specials are really hotting up this summer at Bingo Gala. With so many on offer we couldn’t possibly go in to them all, but here are just a few available and some of the recent lucky winners.

This is an absolute classic. With nickel cards on every single Classic Nickels game, playing everyday from 10am to 11am EST, and with the Nickels Progressive Jackpot up for grabs, is this really something you want to miss?

Speeding Nickels is another great game and plays everyday between 9am and 10am EST on 5 cents cards.  You could also be speeding away with the Nickels Progressive Jackpot.

Player ‘druifje’ did just that and is now counting the Nickels Progressive Jackpot winnings of $1,552.85 from July 15th.  All you have to do is play to win.  It’s that simple.  In fact, Bingo Gala is quickly becoming the capital of online bingo jackpots with the following winners in July alone.

‘da mother in law’ won the Party Hall Quarters Jackpot of $3,045.76 on July 1st and ‘GhostRider’ won $1,500.00 playing Pull Tabs Pets on July 9th. ‘Money4Tabs’ also won $1,500.00 playing Pull Tabs Pets on July 1st.

All players love to win and Bingo Gala has a habit of giving players exactly what they want. So make Bingo Gala your new online bingo home today and you could be the next big winner walking away with thousands.

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