Online Bingo Reunites Long Lost Sisters-In-Law

Chatting with your buddies either online or at your local bingo hall is one of the most enjoyable bingo pastimes. Recently, chatting in an online bingo chat room has culminated in the amazing reunion of two sisters-in-law who lost contact around six years ago.

Paula Court (Wales) was married to the older brother of Jenny Rochester. Both became extremely good friends and frequented their local bingo hall together. Jenny Rochester and her husband subsequently moved to New Zealand and Paula lost her contact information upon her divorce to Jenny’s brother.

Six years later Paula noticed a player called ‘jenroc’ (Jenny’s online nickname) while playing online bingo. Jenroc had just won a game and Paula sent her a congratulatory message. The two players began to talk and eventually started sending e-mails to each other.

After repeated conversation the two eventually recognized each other. Both Paula and Jenny are grateful that after six long years apart that the enjoyable game of bingo has reunited them and they can once again ‘go to bingo’ together.

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