PartyGaming fights affiliate fraud

Online gambling Company PartyGaming has reportedly subscribed to a large affiliate fraud-monitoring contract with Envisional.

Envisional claim that almost all of the big Hollywood studios use them to track movie piracy, as well as global banks, oil majors, software giants, drugs firms, and multi-national food companies.

Envisional will utilise its A31 intelligent search technology to identify, analyse and verify all suspected cases of affiliation to PartyGaming’s six main websites and detect any abuse of PartyGaming’s name and brands.

Envisional’s A3I – Advanced Automated Artificial Intelligence technology scans the World Wide Web for text, logos or images including those used on blogs, auction sites, trade boards, Internet Relay Chat channels and peer-to-peer networks, listing results in order of urgency and importance.

Martin Weigold, Group Finance Director with executive responsibility for corporate social responsibility at PartyGaming, said: ‘We take our legal obligations and ethical responsibilities very seriously.  Envisional’s advanced artificial intelligence capabilities will help us ensure continued compliance with strict marketing regulations, as well as protect the party brands in which we have invested so heavily over the years.’

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